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Health (Housefly Disturbance)

           It is natural for most of us to consider the housefly a nuisance.It annoys us with its buzzing sounds and when it crawls on our food and our skin. For ages, that is what man has considered the fly-a complete and utter nuisance.

However, it was not until the twentieth century that the the innocent-looking housefly was discovered to be one of the man’s worst enemies. It was proven that flies actually carry disease and germ that could prove fatal to millions of people.

When a fly is not flying, it continually preens itself,cleaning its eyes with the forelegs and dusting the legs by rubbing them together. It does this because most of the taste and smell receptors are found on the hairs on the fly’s legs. Rubbing its foreleg also helps to break up the tasty food morsels that have gathered there,

Those morsels can be highly dangerous as they may be contaminated with thw bacteria of diseases such as typhoid fever, tuberculosis and desentery. Flies collect such germs from the trash and sewage, and if they happen to touch the food that we eat, that food will then get infected.

How does the fly carry these germs around ? The fly’s body, its claws and feet are covered with bristling hairs. The tongue of the fly is coated with a sort of glue. This means it will pick up things that stick to its body, feet or tongue wherever it stops even for a moment. As a matter of fact,each foot on its three pairs of legs has claws and two hairy pads, so it can make a lot of ‘pick-ups’.

The legs of the fly also secrete a liquid that helps it walk on walls. The body is so light that it can hang upside down from a ceiling just by the surface tension of the liquid secreted from its legs.

Flies are among the oldest insects known. There is evidence of fossil remain of flies, proving that they have been around for millions of years old. Can we get rid of this pest altogether ? The answer is yes. We can do this by preventing them from breeding. And to do this, conditions have to be made very sanitary all over the world ! Protecting food from flies is an important task in every kitchen.

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The Awesome Class Of 2015


Assalamualaikum w.b.t,

It’s been a long time I’m not blogging since last three weeks because I had some problems and I’m quiet a busy person right now .( Busy ‘berangan’.hahahaha)

Okay, last time I’m blogging about my BFF a.k.a Anies and last week, she comments about my Blog and she said that my blog was quiet interesting and of course she got emotional about what I’m written about her. Don’t get emotional Anies, I’m just want to appreciate you to be my BFF for about seven years and willing to face all of my ‘gediks’ attitude until now and I’m hoping it will last forever, InShaAllah.

Tadadadadadadadadadadada (opening music for a new topic)

First of all, how are you ? I’m hope you feeling awesome-great today cause I want to share with you guys about my awesome class of 2015.

This was the picture that we altogether (just the girls ,sorry boys) captured about two half years ago, and of course I’m missing this moment and I know that you guys also miss the moments with your primary and secondary school friends, but we cannot go back to that time and the thing that we having right now to remember them are just the beautiful memories and picture with them.So, now I want to introducing them to you ( Don’t continue to read this if you had bored already ).

Firstly, let me start introducing my friends at the back : from right : we have Syuhaidah Farisha Binti Sulaiman a.k.a Syue. She is so funny-clumsy girl and whoever make friend with her will always laughing beacause she is so funny eventhough she was in serius mood. How can she be so funny like that ?? can anyone explain this situation for me ?! (hahahahahahahaha).

Then, beside Syue, we have Syaza Zafirah Binti Hamzah a.k.a Syaza or bazzar. The main thing that I’m impressed with her is she was sooooo good and excellent when she make the Malay language essays. Every words she uses in her essays was very gramaticcal and ‘berbunga-bunga’ . Her essays was uncomparable with anyone.Ouhhh, before I’m forget about it, I want to annouce that Syaza was actually my neighbour !!! ( tadadadadadadadada )

After that, we have my cutie beautie girl, Syamimi binti Saadan a.k.a Mimi. The moment that I will never forget about her is she always wanting to kiss me when she going to my desk ! at that moment, I think it was very freaky time but I realize now that I’m missing that moment so much.( can I cry now? ).The next girl is Nurul Naziha Binti Misbah a.k.a jieha. This was the only girl that I’m want to hug when I’m arrived at school.why?? because she soooo cute and short (hahahaha) and her hand is too small about a half from my hand size. How possible you can be sooo cute eventhough you had already nineteen years old ? Do you know that i cannot stand to see the cute things or human being ? (just a warning)

Okay, now we move to my next genius-hard work friend, Siti Mahfuzah Binti Mohd Desa a.k.a Pujah. I can’t explain anything about her because she is verryyyyy superrrrr amazingggg girl I ever knew for the rest of my life. She take too much responsiblity on her shoulder but at the same time she was soo genius-cleverest girl in the class. I admit that I can’t be strong like her.You’re so tremendous girl, Mahfuzah.

Then, Nurul Natasha Binti Alimi a.k.a Tasha. She was very beautiful-feminine girl and she was very expert in English essays. I’m so jealous with you. Thank you for taugh me how to make a good english essay at school before.I’m appreciate it.Beside Tasha, we have Nur Hazirah Binti Musoli a.k.a zira or Bahrah. The thing that everyone love about her is her cheeks cause its like ‘pau’ and so soft. Oneday, I’m ask him what skincare do you use to get that fluffy cheeks, and she said she using Safi balqis. I want to tell you right now that if we want to get the flawless skin, we cannot just prefer to buy the expensive skincares like SK-II or Laneige but we also can trust our local beauty products like Safi Balqis because its had proved by my friend, Ziera.( This is out of the topic )

Back to the topic guyss, okay, now I’m introducing to you my next friend, she is Siti Arina Binti Khairuzan a.k.a arina. She is so funny when she get clumsy and bluurr. I’m loving  her clumsy face. She always proud about the words ‘SABK’ and at that time, I said ‘Sekolah Agama Bantuan Kerajaan’ because its stand from ‘SABK’ and do you know what she said ? she said that its was ‘ Siti Arina Binti Khairuzan’ ,(krikkrikkkriikkk) awkward situation.hahahaha

Now, we move to my friends that are sitting in that picture : from left : we have Nur Aina Zulaikha Binti Hj Khalidi. She is the tallest girl in the class and she love the arts things.When she start drawing, the result was so amazing and the picture that she draw is look real-fantastic. I really want her art hands (Alhamdulillah, I have a pair of hand,please be thankful Laila).Last but not least, I want to introducing my sweety partner , Nurul Salwa Binti Mazlan a.k.a Salwa or I often call her Bawal.She is an athlete in Badminton sport like Lee Chong Wei gituhh..She had already sat beside me about two years in form four and five, she love to slap me and me also like to slap her (hahahaha, such a gangster girls).

I will not describe about the last girl in the pic because it was me.( hahahahaha). I am meee, I am meee,muah 5x (wanting to throw up).

For my lovely friends : Thank you for being my friends and I’m glad cause Allah introduced you guyss to me.Alhamdulillah. You’re very special person with your own/different attitude.The differences between us make our friendship sooo fun and enjoyable. I will never forget each of your kindness to me.I’m hoping that you guys will be a succesful & amazing person in the future and hereafter.InShaAllah, Amin Ya Rabb.Friends, Thank you so much and i love you.


Lily Muiz.

*sorry for my broken english but its worth to try written my blog in english than  never want try it. I hope one day I can write in Arabic & Chinese language. That is my goals. Pray for me .

Bestie a.k.a Bestfriend

Who do not love their bestfriend, right ?? I love my bestie so much .(please do not throw up), before I’m babbling away about our relationship as a best best bestfriend forever to you, allow me to say Assalamualaikum and good morning everyone !!(overexcited reaction…….)

How are you ? Do you in a healthy condition ? Are you happy, sad, angry, or laughing now ? Please answer this questions deep in your heart, and do not answer it aloud because everyone may think you’re crazy or overloaded happy.

I’m okay and in a healthy condition but today (answers my own questions.(LOL)..), I’m having Tuesday Blues (such a lazy person). I’m happy now because I want to share a story about my bestie, when we meet, How we can accept each others deficiencies, How we can be a bestfriend and everything that I will tell you at the next paragraphs.


Don’t be shocked by this photo, I know how pretty we are,until you can get a heart attack by looking at this pic. ( Just kidding..you must laugh if I make a joke,okay..Eventhough, it is not funny at all) You must confusing now, thinking which one is me and which one was my bestfriend in this pic. The person that wearing a spectacles is my bestfriend (such a pretty girl ) and of course behind her is me ( such a blurrr girl) and just ignore the girl behind me..hahahahahah (sorry,Shikin)

Her name is Nur Hanis Haziqah Bt Abd Rashid and she still 18 years old but in early october, she will celebrated her birthday and will officially turns 19 years old #AniesTurns19 (you’re getting older Anies…hahahahaha..and I’m still young). Now,she continues her studies at……………….(just ask her by yourself..because I’m promise with her to keep this as a secret).

Okay,let me straight to the point. I know her since I’m 13 years old when we are going to the same secondary school. Our first meeting were in orientation week and you know, she sits infront of me and that time we didn’t know each other until I saw her keychain that mention her name (Haziqah).I know her name is Haziqah but I still want to introducing myself and asking her name at that time (such a childish). I’m officially become her bestfriend at the end of 2013. I do not remember until now how we became a bestfriends.

The reasons why I’m still loyal to her until now is she accepted all of my lacking  and never judge me by my external and attitude. Eventhough, back then, I’m a fat girl,  stingy with a smile and everything with the negative attitude, she accept me just the way I am. She never compare me with the others (suddenly..I’m become emotional). Thank you Allah for lent me a perfect friend in entire of my life (InShaAllah).

Sometimes, we are also arguing likes the other friends, but it will not take a long time because we know that we can solve the problems in a good ways, not by arguing with each other. Just remembered,Arguing or fighting cannot solve any problems but it just makes the problem getting worst.

Until now, our relationship as a bestfriend have hold out approximately 7 years and I’m always hoping that our relationship can hold out until our last breath and InShaAllah till Jannah (heaven).Just pray the good things about us okay. (Haters not allowed to destroy our bestie’s relationship..).We have our own fansclub and the name of our fansclub is HusnaHanis (Just kidding and dreaming).

My last word for those who have a bestfriend is accept her just the way he/she was, always advice each other if someone do a wrong things, never thought bad about each other, help our bestfriend if he/she in a needed situations and never ever leave them behind , support them in what they do ( except the negative things), Don’t arguing or fighting about some problems that can be solve with a discussion and last but not least , keep praying the good things for them.


For my bestfriend :

Thank you for accepting me as your bestfriend and I love you so much (such an annoying girl..hahahaha).I’m so thankful for having you in my life.Hope our relationship as a bestfriend will be lasting and never done.Amin.

The minion is so adorable !!!!! (Bababababababa…Bababababababa…)

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Lily Muiz.

My Biography

Assalamualaikum everyone,

Today, I want to introduce myself to all of you because i’m newbie. I hope you (who read this blog) will help me if I make mistakes in my English grammar or verb in my article. Trust me, I will be a positive person ever with the advice you will give to me. No matter who you are, where you come from, what religion you believe, I will respect you. I’m trying to improve my English language skills.

Because this is the first time I have a blog, so I want to introduce myself to you. Hope you read it.

We start again okay…hehehehehe

Hello, everyone.

My full name is Nur Laila Husna Binti Mueizam a.k.a Lily Muiz.Everyone keeps asking me why ‘Lily Muiz’? is it muiz your boyfriend ? (laughing) I will tell you if you promise me to finishing read my biography.I’m 19 years old but, not official 19 yet.My birthday was 28 of august 1998.So, about four weeks later, i will celebrate my birthday party !!!! yeah! I’m getting excited now.

I’m from Malaysia and I’m staying in Batu Pahat, Johor.I’m a muslim but not a terrorist.For your knowledge,Islam is a peaceful religion.I’m so thankful because I grown up in this peaceful and beautiful country (Alhamdulillah).Now, I’m still studying at Giatmara Parit Sulong in technology system computer course.My final exam will be held on September this year (cannot accept this fact).I hope my classmates and I will pass this exam with excellence result.(Amin).

After finishing my study in Giatmara Parit Sulong, I will continue my studies in local university. I really want to continue my study at an overseas college or university but I have an obstacle. The biggest obstacle that I have right now is my lovely parent do not allow me to continue my study at overseas. And do you know what are their reason? Because I’m the first and only daughter they have. Yes ! I have no sibling.Just me and myself (hahahaha).Eventhough sometimes I feel lonely, but I’m thankful that I having a lovely and caring parent. I  love them so much.

I love reading motivation and comic books so much. Every week, i will go to Batu Pahat Mall and drop by for a moment at Popular Bookstore and buy a book either it a motivation or comic book. My dream is I want to introduce a local Malaysian food to the world because I have fallen in love with Malaysian foods since I born (just kidding).I want to show you the famous dishes ever in Malaysia and of course it is Nasi Lemak !! The thing we can do now is just looking at this picture. (I’m sorry)

Before I forgot about it, I make a promise to you just now that I want to explain about my nickname, Lily Muiz.Actually, I have an idol and my idol is Vivy Yusof. She is the famous female icons in Malaysia. She is a Co Founder of FashionValet.com and this is Vivy Yusof.

Vivy always inspires me in whatever she do.So, back to the topic, My name is Laila and I change it to Lily as my nickname because the spelling and pronunciation Vivy and Lily almost same (hahahaha..such a big fan of hers). One thing,who is Muiz ? For your information,Muiz is not my boyfriend okay, Muiz is my father.If you had read at the third paragraph, you can see that my father’s name is Mueizam. It is too long if I put Lily mueizam (weird).So, I just shorten it to Muiz.(Please forgive me daddy) The End.(smile face)



Lily Muiz.